PREMIERE: Thom Lion in acoustic form is heartbreak at its rawest

PREMIERE: You’d better be emotionally ready for what happens when Thom Lion sits down at a piano in his new acoustic session

Music has long been a vast medium for emotional release. A myriad spectrum of feels, some even unable to be expressed any other way, are born and bred through artists and a few chords. Within each note of an honest piece, an intrinsic emotional message lies totally raw and wholeheartedly human. It’s a rare thing to see an artist truly tap into this sixth sense, but when Thom Lion sat at a piano for Cuthbert Corner, we witnessed just that.

In the fresh video from the saviours of stripped-back, our fire faced chanteur bleeds his gravel voiced experience into an acoustic rendition of a heart wrenching track. This exclusive performance of Fire Escape is what happens when four chords are the solitary, soft foundation on which and ocean of hard truths rains down. Thom Lion’s guttural howl exposes a tenderness not often seen in the troubadour but allows for a rare and unyielding insight into the song’s meaning.


The sandy bellows of Thom Lion’s distinctive vocal in Fire Escape make the already heartbreaking tune all the more raw and personable.

Lines of real pain seem to appear on his face as Lion recounts his tale of the crushing blows relationships can deal to an unwitting heart. The ballad draws a listener ever deeper into its warmth, acting as that vital comfort music can provide when an experience is sharedFire Escape is unashamedly personable and is so crushing in its honesty, it’s hard not to recall memories of lost love in the wake of Lion’s smouldering vocal.

Make no mistake though, Fire Escape is not a sob, rather a roar of anguish, the final stand in love’s bloody battlefields, a spilt jar of black ink onto the final page of a rejected love letter. It’s open to interpretation, of course, but at first listen, Fire Escape is as much a cry of sorrow as it is a stance for letting go.

Thom Lion’s sheer honesty in lyricism, minimal piano and his signature wail come together in perfect alliance and are caught in the beautiful light of a lonesome cabin by the tasteful camera work of the Cuthbert Corner crew. With a performance like that and divine imagery to boot, this video calls for repeat viewing and mass sharing.

Keep an eye out for Thom Lion in the last couple of shows for his recent tour, and maybe bring some tissues:

July 8, The Wesley Anne, Melbourne VIC
July 30, Jive, Adelaide SA