Presenting your gothic dream pet: the Dracula Parrot

This parrot is a bit different to what we imagine the usual kind to look like. Instead of donning colourful feathers, the Pesquet’s parrot (aka the Dracula parrot) presents gothic black and red feathers and well, it’s basically my dream pet at fifteen.

The Dracula parrot is one of 393 unique breeds of parrot and can grow to 50cm big. Their black and grey chests and brush-stroked red wings identify the rare species, with male birds having additional red spots behind their ears.

Only found in the mountains of New Guinea, the Dracula parrot is in danger, at risk of losing their habitat and their lives.

How sad is it that with discovering a beautiful species, we also find out they are in danger. Local poachers have not only put their habitat at risk, but have also caused the Dracula parrot population to dramatically drop in numbers.

According to the parrot encyclopaedia, the bird has a “harsh and rasping” call, which can sometimes be described as a growling sound.

A fun fact about the Pesquet’s parrot is that they are one of three parrot species with featherless faces. This is thanks to evolution, assisting the birds to avoid having their feathers caught in the fruit pulp they feed on.

Watch them in action below:

The Pesquet’s parrot is now listed as a vulnerable species by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

So although I may not be able to have one as a pet and create a personal Spotify playlist for it, I can rest assured knowing they exist which is pretty damn cool. Here’s hoping they survive the wrath of poachers and regrow their colonies.