Disco king and Motown star Hamilton Bohannon has died, aged 78

At the age of 78, Hamilton Bohannon has passed away, with no current cause of death reported.

The legendary drummer and percussionist worked alongside icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, Miles Davis, and most famously, Stevie Wonder.

Hamilton Bohannon became Stevie Wonder’s drummer after touring with Jimi Hendrix, and soon he was the bandleader for many Motown groups.

The Newnan Times-Herald from Bohannon’s home town in Georgia reported the news of his passing, dubbing him the “pioneer of disco-funk” and recounting his life story.

After having been in contact with his family members, the paper reported that there was no cause of death known yet.

Relocating from his hometown to Atlanta and then Detroit, Bohannon followed the groove and following the dream of a solo artist and producer.

Just five years ago, to celebrate the icon’s 50th year of music, the Newnan community gathered together to rename the street he was born in after him.

“They asked about renaming the street, and I was blown away,” he said.

“The street where I was born, that same dirt street where my parents worked so hard for us – it’s incredible. It’s a very sacred thing.”

Tributes have flown in through social media, with many fans thanking him for his music and one naming him the “master of the dancefloor groove”.

Yet another icon of music gone from our world. All that can be done is to keep them alive through the music they made.