Prince’s ‘1999’ reissue reveals unheard music and more new goodies

The reissue of the 1982 Prince record 1999 is the perfect gift right in time for Christmas, with unheard music and other hidden gems for people to discover.

The Super Deluxe Edition includes unseen handwritten lyrics by Prince himself, as well as photography from Prince’s ’80s photographer Allen Beaulieu, amongst other tasty treats.

Photo: Allen Beaulieu

Take another peek inside Prince’s famous Paisley Park vault, with a super deluxe reissue of seminal album 1999 hitting shelves.

It’s been known for some time the extent of unheard music Prince had locked away in a bank-like vault, and finally, with the slow drip release of its archives, fans are able to hear more and more the inner workings of The Purple Purv in his natural habitat.

Former Prince sound engineer Susan Rodgers said “When I left in 87, it was nearly full”, referring to the vault underneath Paisley Park. The people who eventually cracked the thick iron guarding the unheard recordings mentioned that there is enough music to release an album every year for a century. Whether there’s an ethical dilemma surrounding the release of hidden music is for another time, however, rest assured there is more should you want it.

A reissue can give you that same giddy feeling you get when a brand new record is released. Regardless of 1999 donning all the original classics and its additional unheard tracks, the re-release allows you a whole new listening experience to fall in love with.