Private collector unearths a Salvador Dali original, lost for over 75 years

One of the world’s most celebrated artists, Salvador Dali has long been showcased in the world’s most prestigious galleries. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, a secret painting of Dali’s has been discovered.

After 75 years in hiding, the surrealist work has been rediscovered in a private collection. The painting has been placed amongst some of the earliest of his surrealist period, and the beginnings of his time working in Spain in 1932.

Salvador Dali
Salvator Dalí, Untitled (1932). Courtesy of Heather James Fine Art New York

The forgotten Salvador Dali painting was authenticated by Nicholas Descharnes, a scholar on the artist who is convinced of its authenticity, stating “With a forgery, there is always a mistake you can track somewhere. This one, no mistake.”

The painting has been signed ‘’Gala Salvador Dali’’, recognised as a tribute to his wife and his widely published book Les Diners de Gala. The painting is currently on display by appointment only at the Heather James Fine Art Gallery in New York.

Via Dazed Digital.