Tarot reader obtains government permission to dig up Salvador Dali’s body for a paternity test

Salvador Dali was known for being an iconic artist, shaping the surrealist art culture and encouraging us to open our minds towards an alternative way of thinking. But one thing he wasn’t known for, was being a father.

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According to a tarot card reader named Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, her mother had an affair with Salvador Dali back in 1955 which resulted in her birth. 

Yes, this woman is claiming that she is the daughter of a famous artist and a Spanish judge is backing her up, all the way.
So much so, that the Spanish government has ordered Dali’s body be dug up for a paternity test. “The only thing I’m missing is a mustache,” are the words that came out of Ms Martinez’s mouth.

In 2007 Ms Martinez had two paternity tests, however she never received the results. According to Ms Martinez’s lawyer, the body of Salvador Dali will be exhumed sometime in July. If the results are positive, Ms Martinez could inherit part of Dali’s estate.

Dali’s alleged daughter was born in Girona in 1956 and claims Dali cheated on his wife, Elana Ivanovna Diakonova (Gala) with her mother Antonia. Antonia was working as a maid at the time, spending time next door to Dali’s house in Cadaqués. 

Salvador Dali died in 1989 at 85 years old in Spain and was buried in the Dali Theatre and Museum in Figueres, Spain. 

Via Vice News.