Pshonka releases the hauntingly cool and synthy ‘Cities of Skin’ EP

Let yourself be taken away by Ukrainian-born Australian singer-songwriter Pshonka’s very own brand of folkloric dark pop.

Cities of Skin is the latest release from Pshonka and producer Marlon Grunden. The record weaves brooding 80s synthy textures through Russian and English fantasies, recalling the likes of Kate Bush. All at once, hauntingly cool, synthy, and cinematic, Pshonka is a welcome dose of joyful and irreverent pop music that gives reason to rhyme.

Pshonka aka Katia Pshenichner’s vocals are crystal at the top and metallic at the bottom, kinda like drinking a ginger mule, utterly delightful. This is an artist that embraces her heritage and is paving her own path in the industry, and we are here for it.

pshonka ep release
Credit: Pshonka

Not shying away from her influences of Russian folk and musical theatre, Pshonka vibrantly recalls artists like Aguzarova and Kate Bush.

Its title track is a topsy-turvy trip. Haunted by dystopian scenery – cement, skin, and plastic heads – Pshonka yearns, along with Bowie, for another life on Mars. With the strength of Lady Gaga mixed with a little Regina Spektor, Pshonka delivers one helluva-driving melody.

Dance Track’s heart is lighter, if no less absurd. The gorgeous guitar riff, keeps you grounded, as the synth and layered harmonies take you away, the metaphoric lyrics ‘clicking my heels’ make you disappear into the dance floor. 

In Peter Wendy longs to join her lost boy in adventure. As he flies away she calls in Russian, ‘take me with you’. All at once heart-lifting, romantic, and yearning, Pshonka leaves you dancing with a secret smile. 

Rain Below features magical lyrics from Melbourne’s Zino Komm – ‘Autumn, my companion, you and I will walk on clouds’ – against an incongruous 80s sci-fi backdrop.

Listen to Cities of Skin below:

Pshonka ep

Cities of Skin is out now.