Punch yourself in the face and watch Frenzal Rhomb’s 5 most batshit videos

For over a quarter of a century now, Sydney legends Frenzal Rhomb have been tearing the Aussie music scene to shreds with their no-bullshit, kick-you-in-the-teeth style of punk. And for years, Frenzal’s insane range of music videos has blown apart the minds of Channel V watching kids all across the nation.

With a string of tour dates including the Hunter Valley’s favourite punk/metal festival Thrashville just around the corner, it doesn’t appear that the lads have any intention of slowing down.

So for now, we’re walking you through the dignified world of one of Australia’s most legendary punk bands, with a selection of Frenzal Rhomb’s best and most batshit crazy videos. Strap in.

Infamous for their controversial comments and imagery, take a waltz through punk legends Frenzal Rhomb’s most notorious, ball-tearingly insane music videos

Punch In The Face

Probably the band’s most recognisable track, the video features throbbing footage of folks getting suitably punched in the face and kicked in the guts… all due to the undeniable tastiness of tinned peas. I think?

Bucket Bong

In this video we’re treated to the debauched scenes of a Frenzal Rhomb house party, which ultimately is taken over by the band members’ awesome dads, who proceed to replace them as the live band for the evening and steal their girlfriends.

Russell Crowe’s Band

“Even if we never get a billboard top ten hit, at least we know that Russell Crowe’s band’s a fucken pile of shit.”

Never cowering away from a good bit of tasty controversy, Frenzal here take aim at Russell Crowe and his band, presenting Crowe dressed in full Gladiator attire while they play the local pub – billed below the evening’s meat raffles.

Mum Changed The Locks

Here we have a weird ass kid, who fancies himself a magician, and has seemingly driven his mother to complete insanity. As part of a magic trick, the boy’s mother locks him inside a coffin… which then results in his death.

Cunt Act

Taken from their most recent offering Hi-vis High Tea, Cunt Act is a blistering two minute punk track, informing you of the various ‘Cunt Acts’ regularly committed in day-to-day life.

And this is all presented in a gameshow format, hosted by an animated version of Cardinal George Pell. Yep. Youtube’s gonna want to confirm your age for this one.

Catch Frenzal Rhomb on one of the remaining dates of their Hi-Vis High Tea tour, including heavy music festival Thrashville.

Friday January 19 – Brisbane Hotel, Hobart
Saturday January 20 – Thrashville Festival, Hunter Valley – Tickets
Friday February 2 – Barwon Club, Geelong
Saturday February 3 – Karova Lounge, Ballarat
Friday February 9 – Narrabeen RSL
Saturday February 10 – Hotter Than Hell Festival, Ipswitch