Musician invents pyro-trombone that shoots flames

30-year-old trombonist Valentin Guérin has invented the pyro-trombone. Yep, that’s a trombone that shoots flames and it’s magnificent.

We all remember that kid who wanted to light everything on fire. Well, Valentin Guérin is one of those kids and the man has invented a pyro-trombone.

French creative Valentin Guérin observed that “the public dislikes trombone concerts”, and as such took it upon himself to make them more interesting. Hence he decided trombones should shoot flames.

pyro-trombone pyrotrombone trombone that shoots flames
Photo: Marshall Tidrick

Guérin invented the pyro-trombone himself and owns the patent, but there’s still room for a pyro-flute if anyone feels the urge to make one.

One thing’s for sure, Guérin certainly made the trombone a lot hotter. There’s nothing like a good horn section, and with brass making a comeback, we can only hope other bands adopt flaming instruments.

However, this is no ordinary skit friends, Guérin and accompanying pianist endeavour to play the entire Fantastic Polka composition by Arthur Pryor. The arrangement goes for 7 minutes and it’s a miracle nothing catches alight. Nonetheless, this is not only an impressive feat of pyromancy but a terrific performance to match.

Guérin is no amateur hack musician, He is well-travelled and well studied. The pyro-trombone inventor is also a graduate from the conservatorium of Regional Paris, has a double master in pedagogy and interpretation from Denmark and a soloist diploma from the University of Texas in Austin.

You can head over to his Instagram page for plenty of firey photos and short clips from an outdoor concert, seemingly for the sole purpose of showing off this invention.

As well as his pyro-trombone invention he also makes brass lamps and brass art, you can contact him on his website to order something at valentin-guerin.fr

See the pyro-trombone in action as Guérin plays Arthur Pryor’s Fantastic Polka.

Oh, and if you want to see it shoot fireworks, click here.