QLD kebab shop fined $6,772 for enabling a sneaky 3am rave

Brunswick Street Mall’s Shah Kebabs breached lockdown restrictions by enabling an impromptu, 30-person rave under their roof.

Under normal circumstances, a weary trip to the kebab shop usually signals the end of a night out. However, this is 2020 we’re talking about… nothing is normal.

A Fortitude Valley kebab shop is copping a hefty $6,772 fine after enabling a cheeky 3am rave under its roof. You heard right. A viral video shows over 30 patrons and staff having a good old boogie to some Pump It Up by Endor while waiting for their succulent meals, which is very COVID-unsafe if you ask us.

It makes no sense, it’s funny as, and, to quote Queensland Police Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski, it’s “extremely disappointing”. If you didn’t notice, there’s a pandemic going on! That didn’t stop these Queenslanders from living it up though.

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To the tribal chants of Endor’s Pump it Up, the employees and owners of Shah Kebabs clearly didn’t give a rats about social distancing and neither did the customers. While the whole ordeal does look wholesome, it is also a stirring reminder of the dangers that this sort of behaviour can bring about.

Regardless, the $6,772 fine ought to keep the kebab lads out of the rave business for a hot minute. We’ll leave you with the poignant words of Commissioner Gollschewski: “I hate to say – so, sorry young people – is to have a think before you go out about the impacts of your not abiding by the social distancing in the community and what that means.”

May your dances be safely distanced and your kebab still warm.

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