Quarantine has turned us all into old people

Quarantine is weird. You wake up, have breakfast, stay in your PJ’s all day, and try to find something creative to get your brain juices flowing (like, I don’t know, a crossword). Sometimes you may go out to get groceries or go for a walk, but that’s pretty much it.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. These activities are what old people do! Coronavirus has officially turned us into a group of elderly people… and I’m not necessarily complaining, but it has been funny to observe.

What do the trending things to do in quarantine all have in common? Well, they’re things my grandparents would do. Here’s proof.

1. Embroidery

Punch needle embroidery is taking over my social feeds, with everyone who has even the slightest drop of creativity picking up an embroidery kit.

The only time I’d seen embroidery being done before this trend started was in my Grandmother’s sunroom, where she sits and stares out the window bringing life into cushion covers and tablecloths.

The best part about this one? You don’t really have to know what you’re doing. You just start and see what happens!

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2. Going for walks

Before quarantine, us young ones would leave the house for many reasons. Catching up with friends for coffee, going to the beach, seeing a movie… the list goes on.

But now? We only leave the house to go for walks or to get milk because we ran out. Sound familiar?

Getting out of the house during quarantine is super important, even if that does mean we can only go for a walk around the block.

Don’t forget to take some cute snaps while you’re at it!

Just make sure you keep your distance.

3. Gardening gurus everywhere

The millennial generation’s love of gardening was present long before Coronavirus introduced itself. But now with little else to do, those who are sick of trying to figure out who killed Don Lewis in Tiger King (obvs Carole Baskin) have been urged to pick up a shovel.

If you don’t know the difference between rosemary and thyme, it’s probably thyme (oh yes) to give your grandparents a call. For some reason, they know literally everything about gardening.

Remember not to worry; if you don’t get it right the first time, Bunnings will replace your plants within 12 months.

Still need help? Try to teach your grandparent how to use Zoom or FaceTime (if they have an iPhone) and have weekly gardening lessons! A great way to keep them occupied too.

Take a look at the Better Health Channel’s guide to gardening for beginners.

Now, get off your phone and get some fresh air. Take a leaf out of the baby boomers’ book! Doing these three fun yet kind of old-fashioned activities is much better than giving yourself a shit haircut.