Join R0AMDxD in the darkness with his new album Basement Therapy: Session 1

A mix of lo-fi production, melodic keys, spoken word and rap constitutes R0AMDxD’s Basement Therapy.

Meet R0AMDxD, a 22-year-old artist hailing from the sun-soaked landscapes of New Mexico, USA. Back in April, R0AMDxD dropped a groundbreaking mixtape titled “Basement Therapy: Session 1.” But here’s the genius – alongside this release, they’ve developed an app that brings therapy straight to your phone.

Right off the bat, R0AMDxD plunges you into the heart of their creative space. They kickstart the album by weaving in the therapeutic theme, instantly engaging the listener in a deeply personal journey.


It’s all about setting the stage for what’s to follow – a candid exploration of profound emotions and a genuine attempt to forge an intimate connection with the audience. This is more than just music; it’s an experience that reaches out and touches you.

With the introspective shadowiness of Lil Peep, R0AMDxD exorcises his demons without shame. Basement Therapy feels like an experimentation and a confession. A solidifying of musical ambition and desire. 

Basement Therapy is a fully realised album, and supposedly the first of many. Fitting for any lo-fi and chill study playlist, or as the backdrop for a smoke hazed night with friends, Basement Therapy is a mostly unimposing journey, aside from a few spikier moments.

AND IF YOU’RE HEARING THIS is reminiscent of Stan, Eminem’s alter-ego fan personality that became more and more unhinged throughout his letters to his idol.

Unadulterated rage delivered with an unnerving clarity. Buried Alive introduces more vocal melody, with a hooky pronunciation over chorus lyrics / I got buried alive this evening.

Tinkling piano creates a soft bed for R0AMDxD to lament over in comatose dreams, a highlight of his poetry and honesty when confronting his demons. R0AMDxD seems to extend his hand in the darkness to his loved ones, choosing to plunge through the murkiness of depression to be a beacon for others. 

R0AMDxD’s best quality is his honesty. No matter how brash or confronting, the lyrics read like pages from a scrawled diary.

As a concept, Basement Therapy makes use of samples and a carefully constructed album order.

There is a concise effort to create an opening into the basement itself, to allow us a chance to brush the dust from the furniture and see what’s hiding in every corner.

In parts a love letter, in others a cry for help, Basement Therapy holds in its tracks a heaping of self-loathing, though a desire to move through and onward to become a better, more prophesied version of oneself.


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R0AMDxD’s flow and commitment are promising, and an enticing thought would be that of a collaboration with a more brazen vocalist feature. His songwriting is effective and nurtured, as if R0AMDxD has been concocting beats and rhymes his whole life.

Basement Therapy is an incentive to pay attention to whatever and wherever R0AMDxD roams next. 

Stream the full Basement Therapy: Session 1 album below and check out more R0AMDxD here

Review by Caitlin Norris