Devil’s Work, the latest single from Racing, will nauseate and mesmerise you

Auckland-based disco-rock n’ roll outfit Racing are back with a brand-spanking new single that will drench you in hyper-coloured, acidic sweat.

The band’s new single Devil’s Work is like a glorious haze of colour and lights that will leave you feeling mesmerised and disorientated.

With hypnotic vocal melodies and tropical instrumentation, Racing’s latest single Devil’s Work is simultaneously glamorous and grimy.

Made up of vocalist Edward Knowles, Sven Pettersen on guitar, Daniel Barrett on bass, and Izaak Houston on drums, Racing have spent the past number of years carefully crafting their unique and hallucinatory sound – like vintage rock n’ roll dipped in a vat of fruity and highly alcoholic punch.

Devil’s Work sounds like the soundtrack to some demented, sweat-drenched disco, illegally being held in an abandoned, decrepit warehouse. But of course, it’s the best damn party you’ve ever been to.

The vocal melodies on this one are truly hypnotic, and catchy as hell. Standing alongside the infectious and tropical instrumentation, this new track will crawl under your skin and stay there for weeks.

With an EP and a string of equally addictive singles already under their belts, Devil’s Work only further establishes Racing as masters of acid-fuelled pop.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new track above.