Watch an LP spin so fast that it shatters into thousands of pieces

I’ve said before and i’ll say it again: videoing things in slow-motion is possibly the greatest achievement of modern science. This video is concrete proof.

Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy (aka The Slo Mo Guys) are back at it with some more quality content. This time round they took a vinyl record, attached it to a Dyson motor, and spun it so fast that it shattered into roughly 50,000 pieces.

Ever wondered what would happen if your record player could spin a little faster? Well here’s what would happen if it could spin as fast as a Dyson motor.

Courtesy of a Phantom v2640 camera, which captures moments at about 12,500 frames per second, we’re able to watch every detail of the LP eviscerating into near nothingness.

Absolutely incredible. Stuff like this gives me faith in modern technology.

A few years ago, the duo tried a similar tactic on a CD, which you can suss out over at their YouTube channel.

But for now, do yourself a favour and watch an LP disintegrate above.

Via Open Culture.