Radial unveil the HDI: the ultimate studio DI

Radial Engineering has just announced their new HDI, a versatile studio DI that is designed for any instrument.

The DI fulfils the functions of both a DI and a preamp box while being pigeon-holed into neither role.Radial HDI

Radial has just released their new HDI, an all in one DI that can provide anything from crystalline clean signals to vintage preamp saturation.

Within a small 2 rack unit space, the HDI can give you everything from a clean DI to complete saturation of your signal, as well as providing a smooth Opto compressor.

The level knob boosts your signal to the desired level, while a Color knob allows you to blend between both a clean DI tone and a distorted, preamp tone. The Opto Compressor can be engaged via a switch, as can a high-pass filter to cull any ugly low frequencies, while the presence knob allows you to boost more highs and high-mids for more clarity.

The unit comes with mic and line-level inputs, and with its ability to be used as both a DI and a preamp, comes with a number of possible applications.

It can run into a console in parallel with an amplifier, used to provide additional character to an electric-acoustic guitar, or be used as a standalone preamp into another amp for extra gain and saturation.

The HDI was designed for Radial by the legendary W.C Hutchinson, who designed the famous Manley Vari Mu compressor.

Check out Radial’s website for all the details.