Radiohead are as cryptic as ever, sharing a glitchy new video with OK Computer lyrics

Always the enigmatic ones, Radiohead have sparked worldwide speculation with an unexplained video, published across their social media this morning.

There’s little detail, but given the imminent 20 year anniversary of their groundbreaking album OK Computer, you can hazard a guess at something big in the works.

Can you guess what Radiohead is up to? A new video has sparked speculation as to how the band will celebrate 20 years of Ok Computer.

Radiohead have shared a mysterious new video, soundtracked by the distorted voice of a young girl. The glitchy computer visuals are largely indistinct save for several lines of text, which read, “Program: radiohead” and, near the end, “1 REM.”

The girl’s narration features lyrics from the song Climbing Up the Walls, taken from OK Computer. Check it out below. Fans recently began speculating that Radiohead would be celebrating the anniversary of OK Computer, due to mysterious posters that popped up around the world. – Pitchfork.