Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien confirms new album “will definitely happen”

As the members of Radiohead spread their wings and try their hands at a number of solo projects, fans have begun to worry that the band are done in terms of new material. 

However, guitarist Ed O’Brien has just blessed us with the exciting news that another Radiohead album will definitely happen. 


If you were worried that you’d seen the last of Radiohead, Ed O’Brien has reassured fans that there will be new material from the band in the future.

Speaking in an interview, O’Brien stated that the band have had a number of online meetings and discussions surrounding the prospect of new music over recent months. Despite this, the band have agreed that for now, each member will continue “doing their own thing.” In particular, O’Brien released his debut solo album Earth under the moniker EOB earlier this year, while Thom Yorke has made several solo releases, as well as some great side projects and collaborations

In an interview with Guitar World, O’Brien was also asked about the prospect of new Radiohead material, to which he replied:

“I’m sure there will be another album. That last record was a lot of old songs, which explains the different eras of Radiohead it might have sounded like.”

O’Brien gave fans even more reassurance when he stated that a new Radiohead album “will definitely happen”, but did caution: “But when that is, I have no idea.” A new record would mark their tenth studio album and their first release since the 2016’s A Moon Shaped Pool.

Besides creating new music, Radiohead were scheduled to tour in 2021. But given the current circumstances forced upon them by COVID-19, these plans are currently up in the air. While we are disappointed not to be seeing them live any time soon, we’ll be holding onto the idea of a new album for dear life.