Radiohead have been accused of copyright from the creators of Trumpton for their Burn The Witch video

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks for Radiohead, kicking off with the sudden disappearance of their social media presence, and climaxing with the release of their 9th studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool.


Radiohead are currently being accused of copyright by the family of Trumpton creator Gordon Murray.

No Radiohead release would be complete without a little bit of drama, and although the release has already caused a fair stir, it wasn’t until this weekend that things have really blown up. Radiohead are currently being accused of copyright for their video for Burn The Witch by the family of Trumpton creator Gordon Murray.

Trumpton is a classic children’s stop-motion TV series that aired in 1967, featuring clay characters of a much replicated style. Like all of the Trumpton storylines, the video for Burn The Witch is set in an idyllic village setting, and the characters are similarly made from clay. The storyline for Burn The Witch, howeveris much darker than anything ever aired on Trumpton – something that Murray’s family considers a “tarnishing of the brand.”

“Radiohead should have sought our consent,” said Murray’s son-in-law, William Mollett, continuing to say that Murray himself would be “appalled”.

He continued: “We consider that there is a breach of copyright and we are deciding what to do next.”

Have a look at the two and make a decision yourself.

Maybe they should sue Postman Pat too?

A Moon Shaped Pool is out right now.