Radiohead drummer promises new music will happen…eventually

Radiohead fans, rejoice! Drummer Philip Selway has revealed that the band still has a “collective desire” to make new music, giving hope to those who have been eagerly waiting for their next sonic masterpiece.

Radiohead drummer Philip Selway has revealed that the band has a “collective desire” to create new music. While speaking with Under the Radar, Selway mentioned that all the band members, including Thom Yorke, Colin and Jonny Greenwood, and Ed O’Brien, are keen on working together again, but they currently have no immediate plans since they are busy with individual projects.

Selway added that the band is looking for the “right context” and “right projects” for their collaboration and said that it might not happen within the next year but will undoubtedly happen eventually. He emphasized that when they do make new music together, it will be for the right reasons.

Credit: Press

In a recent interview with Prog magazine, Selway stated that the band would hopefully come together again in the “next couple of years.” However, the drummer made it clear that the band was talking about a “collective project” beyond their recent reissue project and interactive exhibition, ‘Kid AMnesia,’ which came out in 2021.

Despite the pandemic, Selway said that the band had always planned to take a break from Radiohead so that each member could focus on their solo projects. However, the hiatus only resulted in these projects expanding further. Now, they’re allowing time for all of these individual projects to develop while still keeping the idea of a Radiohead reunion in the future.

Fans of the band will have to wait a bit longer for new music, but with the band members’ “collective desire,” it’s only a matter of time before they come together and bless us with their signature sound once again.