RATSALAD’s Top Tips on how to be in a punk band whilst working on a farm 400km north of Perth

Aspiring punk rockers take note, sometimes the best advice comes from those who have made it work in unconventional circumstances – and few bands embody this more than RATSALAD, the trio who have managed to create raucous and catchy punk tunes while working on a farm 400km north of Perth.

RATSALAD, the punk rock band hailing from the remote farm town of Gero in the Coastal Midwest of Western Australia, has been turning heads with their high-energy shows and catchy tunes. Their high-energy punk rock sound, with its catchy melodies and shout-along choruses, marks them as a band poised to lead the new generation of punk voices.

RATSALAD’s DIY ethos and raw, unpolished sound evoke memories of legendary punk bands like The Clash and The Ramones, while their frenzied live shows and powerhouse vocals, particularly those of Jaz, harken back to the gritty, unapologetic style of Amyl and the Sniffers.


But what makes them stand out even more is their ability to maintain their punk spirit while living and working on a farm 400km north of Perth. Jaz, one of the band members, shares her top tips for being in a punk band while living remotely, from finding repeat listeners to collaborating with your mum on laundry day. And don’t miss RATSALAD’s upcoming all-ages show at the PCYC, supporting Queensland band Death by Carrot. Hey Geraldton legends, spread the word and come support this rising punk rock force.

Whether they’re playing at a local pub or a festival, RATSALAD knows how to put on a show that leaves a lasting impression. With their fierce punk spirit and can-do attitude, they are sure to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

Top Tips on how to be in a punk band whilst working on a farm 400km north of Perth.

By Jaz from RATSALAD. 

People are always asking me: Jaz, how does RATSALAD play so many kick-arse shows and record so many pumping tracks when most of your time is spent on a farm 400km north of the world’s most isolated city? 

Well actually, literally no one has ever asked this. But regardless, here are MY top tips for being in punk rock band RATSALAD while working and living remotely: 

1. Find repeat listeners. 

Some people will throw around words like “algorithm” and “streaming statistics”. I didn’t have enough phone reception to google what they meant so when I was out trying to find repeat listeners for RATSALAD’s new single Fade Away, I went old school. Most of the farm machinery and vehicles in the area didn’t have blue tooth capabilities, so after a quick run of burnt CDs and a few mysteriously broken radio antennas, we now have over 7 repeat listeners all day, every day. Demographics range from the 15-year-old farmer’s son to the 72-year-old farmer’s mum who can’t work out how to turn the ute stereo off. 

2. Find ways to cut costs. 

Burning up and down the highway to play gigs throughout WA can be ultra expensive as is, particularly with the price of diesel flying through the roof. That is why it’s important to cut costs where you can, and our top-tier tip here is always, always, drink the other band’s riders. Even if you’re not thirsty, you need to drink that diesel cost back! One great northern tin at a time! 

3. Try to make a long-lasting impression. 

Playing gigs at the local is a great way to get in front of potential new fans, but even if they loved your set, they may wake up without too much of a memory of who or what they saw. That’s why at post-show kick ons we think it’s a fine idea to slap a lifelong RS home job tattoo souvenir onto our new fans, a moment sure to last far longer than the hungover ringing in their ears. 

4. Collaboration is Key. 

In the music writing process, we are a very collaborative band; but why stop there in your collaborative pursuits? Start to collab in all aspects of your life. Got a mountain of washing to get done? Hit your mum up for a sweet collab. Need a lift to the pub for your gig? “Yo man, long time no talk, want to collaborate on a drive to the pub for a beer? My band RATSALAD is also playing if you wanted to stick around, we can listen to our new song Fade Away on repeat on the drive so that you can learn the lyrics too!”. 

5. Get a bit personal with it. 

When trying to write a song, maybe think about the very last thing you ever want to draw attention to, and then do the opposite. Well, that’s what I did for our latest track Fade Away, which references some of my own personal demons like a huge facial scar I tend to avoid bringing up and just generally feeling like an actual idiot 90% of the time. Basically, the whole theme of the song is a battle between trying to love yourself while feelin’ like a right ol’ dingus. To all our mates who said it resonated with them, thank you so bloody much. We love ya. Despite the many horrendous drives up and down the regional highways, we have no plans of slowing down. Sorry not sorry, neighbours. 





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