Recent footage shows NSW Police repeatedly tasering Indigenous man in the face

We’ve seen an outcry from Indigenous community members and the public as a whole in relation to police brutality. Sparked by recent black deaths in the United States, Australia has followed suit with our own protests and call-outs of police violence against Indigenous Australians.

Now footage has emerged of a recent Sydney arrest in which an Indigenous man was tasered at close-range despite being unarmed and non-threatening.


An Indigenous man has been tasered in the face at close range and NSW Police have been accused of using excessive force, yet again.

The man was accompanied by a female companion until the pair parted ways; the male carrying a bag in which police alleged he had stolen goods. Following this, the police confronted the man, but the excessive violence they demonstrated has since infuriated the wider community.

After the man was detained and laid on the pavement, he was yanked up by an officer before being tasered in the face. Whilst writhing on the floor in pain, he was continually tasered – there was no indication that he was at all threatening or armed, as can be seen in the video footage. He even kneeled before the police with his arms outstretched before he was forced to the ground.

At a time when police brutality is particularly poignant, this kind of excessive force is becoming more and more susceptible to public scrutiny; especially when Indigenous Australians seem to be on the receiving end of most of these stories. It is possible to have a strong relationship between police and the Indigenous community, but it begins with respect and a recognition that excessive force should be a last resort.

Most strikingly the man, whilst slumped in pain, asked the police officer what he had done to receive such a brutal response: “I’m not even fighting you. Are you kidding me?”

You can view the full footage of the arrest below, but keep in mind that the video may be distressing for some viewers.