Red Room Poetry Presents: Poetry Month 2023

Red Room is bringing the sweet poetic vibes, igniting a cultural renaissance during Poetry Month 2023!

Australia’s poetic landscape is experiencing a vibrant renaissance, and at the heart of this cultural awakening stands Red Room Poetry, the nation’s leading platform for commissioning poets.

With a passion for propelling new voices across the continent, Red Room Poetry proudly announces the return of Poetry Month, an eagerly anticipated annual celebration that promises to be bigger and brighter than ever before.

tara moss


Now in its third year on the national calendar, Poetry Month takes place in August, captivating audiences with its diverse, democratic, interactive, and exciting offerings.

This poetic extravaganza has become the largest and most significant celebration of its kind in the country, showcasing the beauty and power of poetry in all its forms.

A Poetic Feast Every Day of August

Prepare to be enchanted as Poetry Month presents “30in30,” an extraordinary initiative that delivers a brand new poem every single day throughout August.

These daily poetic reflections and prompts offer an opportunity for anyone to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of verse. Whether you’re a seasoned poet or a first-time explorer of lyrical expression, these poems will inspire, challenge, and delight.

poetry month gala

As the heart of the celebration, the National Poetry Gala returns to the harborside of Sydney for its second year. This event brings together a constellation of poetic luminaries, including the Poetry Ambassadors, to weave a tapestry of words that will resonate long after the night is over. Amidst the harbor’s glittering lights, souls will be stirred and hearts will soar as poetry weaves its magic in the hearts of those who attend

The Poetry Month Ambassadors are an illustrious group hailing from diverse backgrounds, each making their mark in the world of literature, performance, advocacy, and entertainment. These brilliant minds and talents come together to celebrate the art of poetry and share their unique perspectives through the written word.

Among this year’s esteemed Ambassadors are:

Teela Reid: A Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman, lawyer, essayist, and storyteller, Teela is also a co-founder of the @blackfulla_bookclub, enriching the literary landscape with her powerful voice.

Emilie Zoe Baker: A leading spoken word artist, Emilie joins forces with acclaimed screenwriter Marieke Hardy for an electrifying poetic collaboration.

Tara Moss and Berndt Sellheim: This husband-and-wife duo is a force to be reckoned with – Tara Moss, an acclaimed author and disability advocate, partners with renowned poet Berndt Sellheim to create poetic magic.

Jennifer Wong: Known for her wit and charm, Jennifer is a comedian and ABC host who effortlessly infuses humor into her poetic expressions.

Chris Tse: As the current New Zealand Poet Laureate, Chris brings his unique perspective and lyrical prowess to captivate audiences across borders.

Sean Choolburra: With a warm and engaging stage presence, Sean is a much-loved First Nations comedian whose poetic voice resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.

L-Fresh the Lion: A gifted hip-hop artist, L-Fresh adds a rhythmic flair to his poetic verses, captivating listeners with his lyrical finesse.

David Quirk: Known for his roles in the popular TV series “Rosehaven” and his stand-up comedy, David adds his own unique brand of humor to the poetic mix.

Red Room Poetry’s Artistic Director, Dr. Tamryn Bennett, passionately asserts that poetry is one of the most potent art forms, capable of illuminating unexpected treasures and truths across all walks of life. Poetry Month is a celebration of language and the incredible power it holds, shining a light on new voices that may otherwise remain unheard.

As August approaches, the nation awaits the poetic extravaganza that is Poetry Month 2023. From captivating performances and engaging workshops to brand new poems that touch the soul, this celebration is set to ignite the hearts of poetry enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Let us come together to revel in the magic of words and immerse ourselves in the boundless beauty of poetry. Poetry Month awaits, and it promises to be a journey of inspiration, connection, and discovery like no other.

Check out the full event schedule here.