Angry Rhubarb launches the intuitive Paradynamic Overdrive MKII

The Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII’s features two classic but intuitive features to shape your overdrive like no other.

The team at Redbeard Effects wants you to fall in love with their simple and user-friendly pedals like the Honey Badger Octave Fuzz.  Redbeard Effects have released their first overdrive effect and brings new ideas to the table with the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII. Such a simple idea put into the palm of your hands, you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t think of it. 

Putting EQ circuits in overdrive pedals is nothing special, but what Redbeard Effects has done is slightly different. Let’s check out Redbeard Effects’ first foray into distortion pedals that provides a twist on the typical overdrive.

Angry Rhubarb

The debate of having drive before or after EQ is a long thread. So the team at Redbeard decided to put two into their first overdrive pedal. The Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII features these two knobs labelled ‘Post Drive’ and ‘Pre Drive’ — no brainers. They’re labelled for their position relative to the EQ and are capped off with a simple volume knob to allow control of the total output.

The juice comes from the simple but powerful EQ section. Being a parametric EQ, it offers more control over what you’re doing to any given single frequency. With a range of 80Hz to 4kHz, you can boost or cut anything in this range by 6dB. So you can boost that low end you love or get some scooped mids going, the choice is yours.

Having this EQ control allows the Angry Rhubarb to get some more creative distorted tones, playing with the balance of pre or post. The package also includes an all analog circuit, true bypass and a little PCB keyring.

Find out more at Redbeard Effects.