Finding peace in conflict: Reilly Stapleton talks her latest single Lost Mind

Last week singer/songwriter Reilly Stapleton brought out her latest single, a glorious slice of gloomy pop named Lost Mind. It’s an anthem for anyone who has faced inner conflict, and the trouble we all have in putting those feelings on the table.

Wanting to read a little further into the release, we caught up with Reilly for the latest.

reilly stapleton music lost mind

Been enjoying Reilly Stapleton’s latest single Lost Mind? As the artist assures us, there’s plenty more new music on the way.

HAPPY: Hey Reilly, how’s things? What are you up to at the moment?

REILLY: Hey! I’m keeping myself busy with the release of my newest single!

HAPPY: Really digging Lost Mind. How are you feeling about it, now that it’s out?

REILLY: Thank you so much! I am so glad that it’s finally out, I’ve been so keen to release this one because it was the first song that started me in the right direction of my music career, releasing it was so exciting but kind of scary at the same time, it’s hard to tell what people will love!

HAPPY: The piano sounds so great. Was it yours or one from the studio?

REILLY: I wish that piano was mine! It was a gorgeous grand piano from the studio that I had the privilege to play. It was so beautiful! I’m sure the studio won’t notice if it goes missing…

HAPPY: Could you share what the track’s about?

REILLY: Basically this song is about undergoing personal inner conflicts and it was my way to explain to the people around me who cared enough to ask if I was okay, that I was but this issue is something that I’ve got to face on my own and will take time. I’ve always been rubbish at talking to people about my feelings and explaining the thoughts that go on through my head, but music and lyrics really help me convey these emotions in an artistic way.

I guess not having to look someone in the eyes while I say it really helps. I had to be alone to write this song and really unearth the raw emotion. I think the truthful aspect and intense honesty has really helped people understand, especially my poor mum who had to endure me as a frustrated teenager. I definitely don’t envy her, I was a bit of a bitch haha. She’s a great lady though, she did more for me than she thought.

HAPPY: Songwriting is really about putting yourself out there, but in this song hiding is quite prevalent. It’s got this cool push-pull relationship – what did that theme of hiding mean to you?

REILLY: I would say it’s more of an uncomfortable feeling towards confrontation rather than hiding and I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world who’s experienced this. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what you’re feeling to someone without the thought that they won’t understand. I really wanted to share this song with the world to enforce the fact that there is absolutely other people out there who understand you and would be more than happy to listen to you and even share their own experiences. I love finding someone who just gets it, I could talk to them for hours, I really hope that people can hear this song and feel like they can talk to me, I want to be there for people, just like there were people there when I needed them.

HAPPY: How do you compare the new track to your previous two singles?

REILLY: I feel like they all embrace their own individuality! Call My Name is like a big built up, call to arms kind of song that has intense vocals in the chorus, you should’ve heard my voice after recording this one, I was so croaky! Singing that chorus over and over again for a whole day really takes a toll on you haha! That One’s On Me is so personal and really hits home on a specific emotion that I was feeling in my life, it’s slower than the others and really captures the inevitable guilt that comes with the loss of a loved one. Lost Mind however, this is a banger of a song, full of ups and downs, I really wanted to take my audience on a musical ride! The range in vocals are significantly changing all the time in this song as well, basically just enhancing the fluctuation of emotions that the song is describing.

HAPPY: You’ve got quite a full-bodied sound. I’m curious to find out what your live setup is usually like?

REILLY: Well, there’s fireworks, confetti canons, aerial acrobats… haha just joking, I don’t have any of them… yet! My live performances are done with my amazing band who give all my songs the intensity they deserve live! My gigs are usually very intimate and always fun! Every single one gets bigger and better every time, I won’t give too much more away, but you should definitely come along and check out a live performance, I might just bring along a confetti canon for shits and gigs haha!

HAPPY: Any live dates on the calendar currently?

REILLY: Absolutely! I have an exciting gig on the 1st of July at The Swamplands Bar in Thornbury. Also, I’m very excited to be competing against some other amazing artists at the Frankston Push Start Competition on July 29th at Cube 37 in Frankston! You can keep up to date with any others by checking out my Facebook music page.

HAPPY: What’s coming up next for you? Any plans for a bigger release?

REILLY: I’ve always got bigger and better plans, I can confirm that there will be an EP on it’s way and will be recorded very soon, so keep your eyes and ears peeled, you never know, I’m always releasing random surprises haha.

HAPPY: Thanks for the chat!

REILLY: Thank you for your time, it’s been fun!