We take five with Fritz, your next Newcastle indie-pop obsession

Straight out of the steel city comes Fritz, who in just a year in the biz has scored support slots for the likes of WAAX, Ruby Fields, The Belligerents and more. On top of this, she’ll be playing the amazing Yours & Owls Festival this coming September in Wollongong.

But the current cherry sitting atop her proverbial cake is Biggest Fool In The World, the stellar single and video she dropped a few weeks back. After seeing it for the first time, we knew it was time to catch up.

fritz biggest fool in the world Yours & Owls Festival 2018

Off the back of some enormous shows and a dynamite new single, FRITZ is riding high. But as she assures us, there’s plenty more in the bank.

HAPPY: Heyo! How’re you going? What’ve you been up to lately?

FRITZ: Hellllllooooo I am very good thank you. I’m on uni break at the moment for almost two months so I am living it up and making the most of it. I’m getting a lot done but also doing nothing at all, it’s great.

HAPPY: The new video is great! Could you tell us a little about the idea behind it?

FRITZ: Thank you! The song’s about the way teenagers act at high-school parties, and the drama that comes with these events. Heartbreak, friend fights etc. I wanted the video to portray this in an overdramatic and cliche way. The devils in the video kinda represent the feeling of anger and need for revenge you get when someone embarrasses you in front of everyone, or breaks your heart – even though most of the time you just cry and don’t bother with fighting back. It’s very American ’80s in style, like the prom scene in Pretty in Pink, which is what I was going for.

HAPPY: There’s a few cameos from fellow Newcastle artists… how tight-knit is the Newy music scene?

FRITZ: Yeh I’d say it’s really tight-knit. Most Newcastle bands all have connections somehow, everyone just seems to know each other which is really nice. This makes it really supportive too, there’s always familiar faces in crowds at local gigs. It’s like a big family really, everyone is there to support each other.

HAPPY: Are there any other great Newcastle acts we should definitely be keeping an eye on?

FRITZ: Grace Turner for sure. She very recently released a song which I’d highly recommend listening to if you haven’t already. Also, my guitarist Cody Brougham plays in a band called Oilbaron which I love – kinda sad surfy guitar pop stuff. Skivvy Season is a another good one, featuring Joab from Raave Tapes.

HAPPY: This single was your first time recording outside of your bedroom… what was it like making the jump into the studio?

FRITZ: I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect at all, it was definitely a big change. I knew that eventually I had to come out of my bedroom and record in a proper studio, and I’m glad it started with Biggest Fool in the World, because it’s so different to anything I had written before, so it was like a fresh start in a way.

HAPPY: You’ve been playing some pretty huge gigs lately… ie. supporting Ruby Fields, WAAX, The Belligerents… have you been enjoying it?

FRITZ: I definitely have, it’s been amazing. I’m just heaps grateful for these bands to even want us on the bill to be honest haha. I never thought I’d be playing big shows like these when Fritz started, and to think its only been a year since then is really crazy.

HAPPY: Speaking of huge gigs… you were recently announced for Your & Owls Festival… how does it feel to get that huge nod?

FRITZ: Very exciting, I can’t wait for it. That is one larrggeee lineup.

HAPPY: Have you felt like you’ve had a chance to take everything in, or has it just happened heaps quickly?

FRITZ: I feel like it has happened quickly. Like I said further up, it’s been a year since I started playing shows and each show is just getting bigger and bigger. It’s quite strange in a way because its like ‘how?’ hahahaha. I didn’t think I could ever do it.

HAPPY: When can we expect more music from you?

FRITZ: Sooooo soon! My next song is probably my favourite I’ve written so I’m keen for everyone to hear it.

HAPPY: Are there any other exciting things coming up we’ve got to look forward to?

FRITZ: More music and more shows is all I can say I guess. I’ll keep you posted though!


If you’re lucky enough to have snapped up a ticket, you can catch FRITZ live at Yours & Owls Festival this September 29/30 in Stuart Park, Wollongong.

Grab all the details here.