Relinquish your inner demons with Jess Fairlie's new track White Coats

Relinquish your inner demons with Jess Fairlie’s compelling new track White Coats

Native to Melbourne is velvety smooth vocalist Jess Fairlie, a singer/songwriter inspired by her curiosity with life and the aesthetic beauty of expressing herself through music.

A personal fan of Emily King, D’Angelo and Alicia Keys, fragments of these R&B artists are recognised in Farilie’s music, which takes the form as perfectly executed soul/pop ballads.

Constantly challenging herself to write lyrics and melodies inspired by her own curiosity, Fairlie believes that music is poetry, and makes life beautiful.

Jess Fairlie’s songwriting is a result of growing up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Rickie Lee Jones, The Boss and Shania Twain, although her own work vastly differs.

White Coats is a dark offering from the songstress, exploring Fairlie’s battles with her inner demons and her journey to find herself.

Produced by Melbourne artist Feelds (James Seymour), the emotional new track offers insight to being confused by our inner voice, being torn by doing what feels right and what feels good, and whether we let that define us.

Darker than her previous tracks Senses and Enough, White Coats displays the full potential of Fairlie’s voice and her vocal strength, which she seems to execute effortlessly. The compelling, almost five minute track is heavy with emotion and an anthemic chorus, followed by an impressive solo which adds an interesting dynamic to the track.

As the end of the song nears, we’re welcomed by a gospel-like finale, adding to the track’s overall powerful impression.

White Coats is just the beginning of what’s to come from Fairlie, so keep an eye and an ear out over the coming months for more tales from the talented young songstress.