Young Henrys is the best thing to happen to Newtown in years; here’s the lowdown

Since Young Henrys first began their journey into brewing beer back in 2012, the brand has become synonymous with its hometown of Newtown.

Reigning supreme over standard local beers in our pubs and bars, Young Henrys is perpetually in hot demand, and the persistent clamour to be heard for their sparkling brown Newtowner Pale Ale or the effervescent Cloudy Cider proves that they remain firmly ahead of the pack.

Young Henrys
Photo: Dani Hansen

Young Henrys has become a household name in Australian beers, and the heart and soul of arts and culture in Sydney; in particular, their home of Newtown.

Born out of a conversation over beers between owners Richard Adamson and Oscar McMahon, Young Henrys was actually originally to be based out of Surry Hills. However, issues with local council and residents, and a general lack of understanding of the craft brew culture in Sydney meant that several development applications were rejected.

Eventually, in 2012, a warehouse space was found in Newtown; Adamson and McMahon were given the green light to get creating, and in March that year the first official Young Henrys batch was brewed. In the short six years since, the beer has become one of the most treasured not only in Sydney, but across the country.

Not only is Young Henrys one of the Sydney best-loved craft beers, but their inner west brewery has put Newtown on the map. Cleverly mirroring a homegrown, down-to-earth ethos and aesthetic, their brand represents so much more than just beers on tap.

Young Henrys

In fact, on this note, it’s worth giving a slight nudge in the brewery’s direction. Not only do they sell all their brews from their Newtown warehouse, but you can also drop in to grab a drink from the tasting bar.

The Young Henrys warehouse has become a hub for the neighbourhood, and on any given day you could be sitting with a backpacker, a tradie and a tattooed Newtown entrepreneur. And while they don’t have food on-site, there is more than enough in surrounding streets, or if you pick the right time you might be able to grab something from the trendy food trucks that are often parked on-site.

The staff are always more than happy to make your experience as fulfilling as possible too. Tastings, tours and long conversations are all on the menu when you choose to visit. Just remember to grab one of their famous 2L Grifters on the way out. Young Henrys aren’t about waste either; bring the jar back and you’ll get a cheeky refill for a fraction of the price.

Young Henrys have long been enmeshed with local arts and culture. They are forever working with bands on tours, collaborative brews, and locals events. DZ Deathrays, POND, Dune Rats, and Foo Fighters are just a few of the bands to have their own signature beer. The Young Henrys Small World Festivals were a raging success. And you’ll find Young Henrys tucked in riders in just about every green room in Sydney.

They also work tirelessly alongside local visual artists. Illustrator Scotty Williams is a personal favourite of ours, who designed the labels for the Young Henrys Summer and Winter Ales.

If you’re ever in Newtown, be sure to drop by for a drink. Or if you want to learn how their beer is made, you can even book a brewery tour. Hell, no matter where you are, if they serve drinks, make sure you ask for a Young Henrys.