Remember the smokeable record made from hash? We asked Slightly Stoopid for an update

Slightly Stoopid may be from the sunny neighbourhood of Ocean Beach, San Diego, but the golden sands and laid-back dwellers of Aussie coastlines aren’t too far from home.

The six-piece ganja fusion band from the States have been at the game a long time, but sadly don’t make it across the pond too often. 2017 is their comeback to the land down under thanks to the legends at Bluesfest, and we caught up with bassist, guitarist and vocalist Miles Doughty before they touch down.

slightly stoopid australian tour bluesfest

Mix together funk, reggae and rock in your favourite grinder and you’ll get Slightly Stoopid, the stanky coastal legends primed for Australian shores.

HAPPY: We saw you recently tried to make a record out of hash, how did that go?

MILES: We have done three prototypes of the hash 12″ record. Each one has played audio with varying degrees of success.

HAPPY: Any developments?

MILES: We are hoping to release a live filming when we do the official pressing potentially on 4/19 or 4/20. We are working with the Peter Tosh foundation on a remix of Legalize It for the 40th anniversary of the song, and are considering pressing that onto it which really would be a total proof of concept! Stay tuned!

slightly stoopid hash record dabbington
The hash 12″. Read more.

HAPPY: What’s the second craziest thing you ever tried to make out of hash?

MILES: This is the only official thing we ever tried to make out of hash. The first one sits in our headquarters and has been chipped away at by various folks that come by so it’s almost down to nothing. It takes 200-300 grams to manufacture the records. Sometimes we need to make hash pipes out of apples while traveling in foreign countries when supplies are limited.

HAPPY: Been too long since you hit Aussie shores. Any shenanigans you can remember from last time around?

MILES: Man its been way to long since we’ve hit Australia! Last time we were in Byron Bay for a couple days and hit up every bar on the strip kicking up dust, having some cold brews with all the locals. It was pretty epic! Great vibes from all the people.

HAPPY: I saw you’ve been looking for a killer name for your Summer 2017 tour. Who are the top contenders at the moment?

MILES: Creating the tour name is always fun and we let the fans bounce around ideas for the best name. I can’t tell you the name yet because its not announced but each year the fans come up with some great ones. Last year one fan came up with The Return of the Red Eye so its always a cool experience and a little interaction with the Stoopidheads as well.

HAPPY: You’re playing Bluesfest Byron, any favourite acts on the lineup?

MILES: Great lineup for Bluesfest! I’m really looking forward to checking out Jimmy Buffett, Zac Brown Band, Jethro Tull, Dumpstaphunk and Trumbone. Shorty is always a winner!

HAPPY: Your catalogue is a silly size these days, what can we expect to hear at the Aussie shows?

MILES: We plan on jamming a little bit of everything! We like to call it a melting pot of madness! Since we haven’t been there in a minute its gonna be fun hitting the stage with a wide variety of jams.

HAPPY: And what’s your #1 tip for any punter on their way to one of your shows here?

MILES: For all the first timers and repeaters, get ready to let loose and go crazy! We plan on bringing the Southern California vibes and energy your way!

HAPPY: Cheers man, looking forward to it.

MILES: Thanks for all the love.

Catch Slightly Stoopid in Australia on any of the dates above. Tickets here.