Remember these lunatics? They’re being charged for threatening protestors with guns

A couple in St. Louis, Missouri, have been charged for confronting peaceful protestors on their way to the mayor’s house with a rifle and a pistol last month.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey waved their guns in a threatening manner while yelling at the protestors, with their fingers on the triggers.

st louis couple

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a couple from St Louis, have been charged for threatening non-violent protestors en route to the mayor’s house with a rifle and pistol.

The couple pointed the weapons at non-violent protesters who were on their way to the mayor’s house, angry at her decision to say the names of those who wrote to her, urging her to close the city jail, known as The Workhouse.

The unlawful use of weapons is classified as a Class E felony and can carry a sentence of up to four years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

In a statement announcing the charges, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner said that “it is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in a nonviolent protest, and while we are fortunate this situation did not escalate into deadly force, this type of conduct is unacceptable in St. Louis.”

For the charges to hold, prosecutors must prove that the weapons were capable of lethal force. According to lawyers for the couple, the defence will be relying on the couple’s Second Amendment rights, which entitles the use of weapons to protect their home and family from potential threats, though it is yet to be seen how this could be the case.