WATCH: Bad//Dreems – ‘Gutful’ (Short Film)

Bad//Dreems have released Gutful, a visually compelling inquiry into the Australian music community and the problems surrounding it. “Pop a bit of anaesthetic into the mundane”, narrates frontman Ben Marwe. “It’s about having had a fuckin’ Gutful and saying what you wanna say.” 


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In these trying times, it’s as good a time as any to remember the many creatives within the music industry that seldom get the adequate credit for their creativity, tireless work, support and brilliance – good people who have had their work, livelihoods and income jeopardised by the pandemic. This video is a masterpiece by @helweg – crafted with @texanrainman using candidly acquired tour footage shot by industry stalwarts @thejamesadams @mcleanstephenson @twjstevens @mariepangaud and many more over a few years. It’s a wonderful example of the Australian music community, helping one another to create stories, artful aesthetics and memories – things that help stoke the raging and exciting inferno that is, our Australian music and arts industry. Thanks to everyone who has lent their talents to us over the past however long – FOH, monitors, lights, artists, designers, photographers, videographers, painters, bookers etc. We’re lucky to have you around to make our creative pursuits better!! @woodyannison @ujats411 @lukehday @mcleanstephenson @petedov @angus_hamra @lovepoliceatm @ian.laidlaw @farmerandtheowl @drad55 @loveshari @supermansaveslives @whiteskymusic @villagesounds to name a few

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