Ustwo Games unveils Alba: a Wildlife Adventure

Best known for Monument Valley, the indie games studio Ustwo Games has teased its next production, Alba: a Wildlife Adventure. Since dazzling the world in 2013, Monument Valley is regularly cited as one of the top indie puzzle game on mobile devices with critically acclaimed stylistic choices in art and sound.

Whilst the gameplay and mechanical elements the game are still unknown, players can expect another aesthetically pleasing experience from Ustwo Games.Alba a wildlife adventure

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is a colourful visual adventure from Ustwo Games, exploring the beauty of nature and memories of the Mediterranean summer.

Though the teaser trailer reveals little, this casual adventure game looks likely to feature stunning visuals and sound over gameplay designed to tell the story of Alba, a young activist setting out to protect the beautiful wildlife surrounding her.

It is unclear whether the game will be a charming puzzle game much like Monument Valley or delve deeper into other adventure sub-genres as this game is set for release on console, PC and mobile—meaning Ustwo Games could include deeper controls and game mechanics.

To stay up to date with all the announcements, visit Ustwo Games and in the meantime, check out the summery trailer below.