WATCH: The ‘Resident Evil Village’ Castle demo is utterly terrifying

Resident Evil Village is shaping up to be a truly terrifying experience. We played through the latest demo so you don’t have to.

Resident Evil Village, the highly anticipated survival horror game, is literally just around the corner. To feed the hype, Capcom has released a number of extremely time-sensitive demos, all that show off a slightly different aspect of the game. Because players were only able to access the demos for an eight-hour window, we took one for the team and recorded the whole thing.

The first of these demos, now widely available, went by the name Maiden, and acted as a prequel to the whole game. You escape from a horribly dark dungeon to find that everything outside your tiny prison is actually just as disturbing. As you explore through the above castle, you come across hints concerning the nature of this cursed building and, after a few wrong-turns, find yourself at the shocking conclusion of Resident Evil Village: Maiden.

The most recent demo sees the player return to this nasty castle, which seems to be part of a twisted wine-making venture that uses human remains in lieu of grapes. However, rather than playing as a nameless maiden, you take on the role of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s protagonist Ethan.

I found the whole thing pretty nerve-wracking, largely because my past experience with Maiden meant that I actually knew there was a lot to fear. And rest assured, I wasn’t wrong about that.

Lady Dimistrecu resident evil village
Image: Resident Evil Village / Capcom

The atmosphere in Resident Evil Village is palpable, with every quiet moment that goes by only further contributing to the tension. By the end of the most recent and final demo, I was left breathless, full of anxiety, and more than a little impressed.

If Resident Evil Village manages to maintain this level of atmosphere and terror then it will be a must-play for all horror fans… and it also might give me a heart attack.

Resident Evil Village launches May 7 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.