Newcastle rock force ‘Cooks & Bakers’ boldly resonate on debut EP

Cooks & Bakers pair relatable emotion, with unique rock arrangements on their brilliant debut EP Out Of Touch.

Newcastle trio, Cooks & Bakers write inventive indie-rock bangers with emotional sensibility beyond their years. Though influences like Spacey Jane are Holy Holy are apparent, the bands’ remarkable instrumental nuances are already pushing them to the top of the indie music scene.

Recording alongside Jack Nigro, who has worked with DMA’s, Dune Rats, and more, the 21-year-olds have just released their debut EP Out Of Touch. The 5 tracks “were inspired by experiences that I observed within my friend groups and within my own personal experiences from the ages of 18-20”, comments lead vocalist and guitarist Campbell. Let’s unpack these experiences and the creative chords that accompany them.

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Opener What’s It Gunna Be bounces along with fuzzy electrics and some jazzy keys. It’s already a unique pairing that just works. The track then widens for the first of many relatable hooks: “We talk all day, but we’re not really speaking”. It’s a realisation that hits home for couples losing their spark, or perhaps those moments of monotonous conversations with workmates. The bluesy dissonance then rapidly cuts to More Than Friends, a bright and snappy indie-anthem.


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“I wanna be more than friends”, the track’s chorus, is sung with falsetto. It’s also backed by unrelenting drums and colourful chords, matching the emotional intensity of the track. A laid back guitar solo then paves the way for a bridge that features a hilarious brazen bite reminiscent of Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects. There’s just so much to digest in this track, both lyrically and sonically, while still being ridiculously catchy, making it a surefire standout on the EP.


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Interlude Jubes slows down the pace to a gentle, atmospheric breathe. It’s a welcoming detour into some lo-fi, spacey rock, and when the wet electric guitar enters, you’ll be floating above the mosh-pit. Next up is When I Fall; the bands self-professed favourite. With its off-kilter rhythms, beautiful backing vocals and gutsy riffs, it’s easy to see why. Closer Lover Like Her is already getting spins on Triple J, so needless to say, the band finish the record strong.

Cooks & Bakers are embarking on NSW coast tour, including La La La’s in Wollongong (May 26) and The Cambridge in Newcastle (May 29), so be sure to scoop a ticket or two. In the meantime, listen to Out Of Touch below: