Cooks & Bakers new single ‘When I Fall’ drops you down an indie rabbit hole

Soaring in their indie-rock harmonies, Newcastle trio, Cooks & Bakers gift listeners with their new single When I Fall.

Indie trio Cooks & Bakers, deliver their new colourfully charged track When I Fall

The track is the sixth single released in anticipation of the group’s debut EP, coming out later this month and pulling their sound towards the grungy indie rock scene.

Cooks & Bakers

The slingshot into Cook & Baker’s new style is not without taking their best traits along for the ride with them, that being their genuine energy and passion exploding with each melodic rhythm.

When I Fall, is a groove-fuelled slope down the steep terrain of indie rock. Vocalist and guitarist Campbell Ross bellows with honesty, lyrics sharply piercing in all-too-relatable experiences, all whilst laying back under the glow of a sunny bass melody from Nathaniel Duggan.

The track, whilst begging to be heard along the shores of a beachy landscape, is also hard-hitting in its inspiration behind the lyrics. Campbell divulges on the difficulties of being dragged into an emotionally one-sided relationship.


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There is a notion of heaving through a non-reciprocating relationship, ever so slyly that you feel subconsciously trapped. Much like the drum tones from Finn Ellem and Nathaniel’s bass melody, repeating in a tuneful loop as if stuck in an involuntary routine.

Ultimately, Cooks & Bakers deliver the remedy to cracking out of the sluggish turmoil; “valuing your emotional time vested in others and prioritising mind over heart”.

The group alludes that When I Fall is a step towards their new sound, cultivated in Coogee by the hands of James Osborn and Jack Nigro, know for his work with Skeggs, Dune Rats and the DMA’s.


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Their unique blend of Indie-rock echoes the likings of Nothing But Thieves, Spacey Jane and the harmonic layers of Holy Holy. We can only expect that Cooks & Bakers will continue to deliver their iconic vibrant energy in their soon-to-be released EP, Out of Touch. 

For now, dwell in Cooks & Bakers smooth and calming track When I Fall: