There are already some truly horrifying Resident Evil Village mods

The game has barely hit shelves, and there’s already some truly cooked Resident Evil Village mods out there. Today, we showcase some of our favourites.

The new instalment in Capcom’s legendary survival horror franchise has been out for less than a week. You can bet your bottom dollar that Resident Evil Village mods are already a thing, and they’re really something.

From useful, realistic shaders to batshit reskinned characters, the modders wasted no time going to town on Resident Evil Village. Here’s a couple of our faves.

Theodora The Tank Engine

XxCRAZYPOTATOxX has created one of the scariest Resident Evil Village mods on this list, simply by replacing Lady Dimitrescu’s face with that of Thomas the Tank Engine. The wide-open eyes and fierce grin somehow make her even creepier than her original character design, and it’s slowly ruining our childhoods.

Check it out here.

resident evil village mods lady dimitrescu

Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

Just in case you were missing the sexy grey fox, this mod by Wiwilz replaces Chris Redfield’s skin with Devil May Cry 5’s Dante in a hilarious Capcom mashup.

Grab the mod here.

resident evil village mods dante

Breakfast Munitions and a Zombies Ray Gun

These are both mods that switch out your main weapons, with SteveBG’s Spoon and Banana mod swapping out the knife and gun for a spoon and a banana, and KushAstronaut swapping out the starting pistol for the Legendary Ray Gun from Call of Duty: Zombies.

Tired of actual weapons? Score the banana gun here and the ray gun here.

Baby Chris / Chris Baby

After finding out that Resident Evil Village’s baby had facial animations, modder JTegh and took the chance to swap the skin with Chris Redfield’s, and vice versa. What we’re left with is a hilarious mini-Chris and a full-sized baby-faced Redfield, which both look more disturbing than Mr. X.

Baby-faced Chris is here, and Chris-faced baby is here.

What are ya buyin’?

This mod by JWesker brings back the costume of everyone’s favourite merchant from Resident Evil 4, and dons the Duke in his iconic hood. Seeing as the Duke serves essentially the same purpose as RE4’s Merchant, it’s nice to see the streams crossing.

Download this Resident Evil Village mod here.

resident evil village mods the duke

FOV Sliders and Vignette Fixes

A serious note for a sec. In 2021, with the wide range of accessibility options and customisability that are being baked into the modern games, it’s honestly insane that certain developers choose to exclude FOV controls in their first-person titles.

Yes, as a developer you may have a specific visual design in mind for your game, but if it’s making players motion sick in the process, or they can’t see anything due to harsh filter effects, surely you should allow audiences some form of control? Well, this mod by Maceyaface does what Capcom didn’t, allowing players to adjust FOV – an essential tool for gamers. It also allows players to remove the vignette masking effect, which lets more light into the game.

Grab this mod here.

FOV Sliders on and No Vignette on top, and regular game below

With over three million sales so far, there’s sure to be even more of a push within the modding community for Village. We can’t wait to see more helpful, if not strange and terrifying, mods come to light.

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