Resonant Hand chats to Ben Jansz about his restorative new single ‘Kahlu’

On his latest single, Resonant Hand ushers us into an Eden of growth and reflection. Who better to break down this stunning release with the artist than his good friend and musical naturalist Ben Jansz.

There are times when we just need a lullaby to soothe us through the chaos, Resonant Hand (a.k.a. Mark Fulcher) knows this better than anyone. His debut single Kahlu teams with a chorus and tranquillity forged from the ocean tides, allowing us a space to restore and heal through glistening chords.

It only makes sense for fellow sonic healer Ben Jansz to sit down with the artist to chat through his inspirations, artistry, and songwriting process.

resonant hand

BJ: Hey, I’m Ben Jansz and I am here with the amazing Resonant Hand. We’re here to talk about his musical journey and his latest release. To begin with this musical journey, when did you start playing?

RH: Growing up, I was never outwardly musical. Being a musician was a fantasy that I used to have at night while in bed, thinking about how amazing it would be. I only had the courage to pursue this dream in my early twenties when I decided to throw the dice and make a living as a busker. Thankfully, it worked out pretty well.

BJ: Did busking sustain you well?

RH: It sustained me amazingly. It took me to beautiful places and gave me opportunities to live a richer life. I became someone that people constantly smiled at and liked. I felt seen.

BJ: Personally, I am a big fan of original music. Seeing the passion of that raw honesty and baring your soul, it’s confronting to people. But when you give yourself permission, you give others that permission too to be vulnerable. It’s inspiring, you are inspiring.

RH: I fully embody that now. I used to have this weird thing where, if I ever thought of myself as inspiring, it meant that I was egotistical. But I now realise that we sort of have a responsibility to inspire if we are in that position. When I see people’s eyes light up talking about their dream, I just wanna go hey, you can get to your goal no matter what that is. I’ve been there, it’s possible.

BJ: That’s a beautiful message you are sending out there. What is the essence of music to you, how does it make you feel and what do you see?

RH: Music for me is a deeply spiritual experience. Growing up on an island without much influence from the West, I was surrounded by the evidence of healing and the bonding power within the community by music. I see myself as a channel for a greater force that lives in a separate realm and expresses itself through me in the form of music.

BJ: I totally agree. It is something that transcends all cultures and beliefs. What inspires you to make your original creations, your music?

RH: Usually through a dream or when I’m out in nature feeling totally inspired. I used to live on North Stradbroke Island and being out there, in the waves as the sun is setting, with dolphins and sea eagles hanging out, gives me a lot of ideas for songs.

BJ: You’ve just released your new song Kahlu, which is absolutely gorgeous. What inspired this song?

RH: During the pandemic, I was sort of in limbo with my wedding singing business. It got to the point where I stopped playing music & decided I had to find a different path in life. Holding Kahlu in my arms for the first time was a rare glimpse into what it is to see the world anew. It changed my relationship with music and inspired me to push forward and try something new.

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