Rich Chambers ignites daydreams of warmer weather with new single

Rich Chambers ignites daydreams of warmer weather with new single

The high energy, 60’s oozing artist, Rich Chambers, brings in the surf-rock tide with new single, Summer Looks So Good On You. 

Canadian artist, Rich Chambers swizzles in the heat from his latest single, Summer Looks So Good On You. 

The track flows as a wave of optimism, bursting with colour, nostalgic 60’s riffs, and a goldenly catchy tune.

John Chambers

Chambers uses his recent release as a flag-post for a season of glistening tunes and light-heartedness. Sizzling in his retro sound, Chambers style brings 60’s surf-rock into the modern era, something we need now more than ever.

Being no stranger to electric tunes, Chambers has been writing and performing music that ripples of the same golden energy.

As soon as the track hits the sound waves, we are pulled into the sonic soundscape of a beach, effortless and vibrant – similar to the likings of The Beach Boys.

“Summer Looks So Good On You’ is a feel-good song that celebrates the proverbial promises of live, hope and happiness that a beautiful summer day often seems to provide us!” Chambers’ explains.

The track came about whilst Chambers was driving home during a heatwave. In the midst of the traffic and humidity, the artists became transcended to the wide Californian coastal roads, his imagination fuelled by Lisa Loeb’s track, Summer. 

After his sudden burst of gumption, Chambers rushed home and wrote the entire song in 30 minutes; “this is not the norm for me as most of my songs take a  lot longer, but when I am as inspired as I was that day, the song kind of came out”. 

Summer Looks So Good On You is a vibrantly magnetic tune, layered in an electric guitar riff and retro harmonies. Chambers’ work deserves to be shared for it’s imaginative, time-travelling drift to a warmer time.

Check out the track below: