Richard In Your Mind – Hammered

As far as simple pleasures go, getting “hammered in the daytime” is right up there with table tennis and masturbation. My use of the ‘m’ word there probably put a Richard in your mind — well, that’s a convenient segue, since Dick and the boys have just released a track all about the simple pleasure of getting hammered in the daytime.

Richard In Your Mind

Chronic small festival and arts events headliners Richard In Your Mind return to the scene with Hammered.

“We have always written about the sun,” said Richard In Your Mind frontman Richard Cartwright when speaking of the band’s aptly named 2011 LP, SUN. “The constant rotation of our planet has meant that we are offered a cleansing, regenerative opportunity every 24 hours with the sun’s rising.” These days, it would seem, Cartwright is content with dedicating that “cleansing, regenerative opportunity” to daytime boozing: celebrating the sun by getting absolutely munted under its warm, maternal gaze. Simply and unsurprisingly, that’s pretty much what Hammered is all about.

It might sound like a pretentious prospect: a track so overtly championing alcoholic bingeing could have easily come off like that one guy that’s always talking about how much he can drink. He’ll drink you under the table, and then he’ll probably get violent. Fuck that guy. This is more than a mindless pisshead anthem. And the real charm of Hammered lies, contrarily, in how unpretentious it actually is: in its devil-may-care straightforwardness and nonchalant sensibility.

This is an anthem for the free-spirited slacker: simple percussion patterns and surfy, Strokes-style guitar licks tongue-kissing those smiling Demarco vocals. “I’m driftin’ around, but at least I’m not drowned yet—I don’t drown I just drink a lotta ocean. You and me in a circular motion”. Like a vagabond who’s found nirvana, Cartwright sings with an inspiringly unburdened sense of self-satisfaction. Don’t take life too seriously; driftin’ ain’t drownin’; and not all those who wander are lost*.

That is, ultimately, the hedonistic notion behind this track: where getting “hammered in the daytime” stands for just doing what you want. And after all, with a “cleansing, regenerative opportunity” forever on the horizon, why not live for today and put off the hangover until tomorrow? That might just be that “circular motion” that Dick’s going on about: a philosophy something like YOLO (‘you only live once’) or STD (‘seize the day’), and every bit as infectious.

Get on it. Raise your glass. Here’s to Vitamin D.

*that last one was actually Tolkien, but I’m fairly confident that he was on the same wave length.



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