Easter Show ride closed after 4-year-old boy left unrestrained

A 4-year-old boy made a lucky escape after nearly being thrown into the air when he wasn’t restrained by ride technicians at the Sydney Show.

A children’s ride at the Easter Show has been shut down for investigations after a young boy, Tristan Curtis wasn’t properly restrained and risked being seriously injured.

The Free Fall ride was about to take off and launch the unsecured boy into the air when onlookers notices that the child wasn’t harnessed into the ride like the other children.

The ride’s technician was alerted and stopped the machine but reportedly did not leave the operational booth.

“The (operator) girl stopped the ride but didn’t get out of her booth so another father ended up getting him to climb down to him,” Curtis’ mother, Sky Boustani Curtis told the Daily Telegraph.

Myself and my husband were not tall enough to reach him.”

“They simply did not pull his harness down, didn’t check him.”

More to come.