WATCH: Jack White proposes to, and marries, secret girlfriend Olivia Jean on stage

During a concert in Detroit, Jack White proposed to his girlfriend, Olivia Jean, then married her live on stage.

During a concert at the Masonic Temple Theatre in Detroit on Friday night, an unsuspecting crowd witnessed a historic proposal, followed by a marriage ordainment that happened moments later. Jack White, the lead singer and guitarist of The White Stripes, blew away his audience, and his girlfriend Olivia, by proposing to her live on stage towards the end of his set.

“I’ve got a little question for you, Olivia Jean,” said White. “Will you marry me?” Cheers erupted from the crowd within seconds as Olivia cried tears of joy, while Jack placed a ring on her finger. Then, after performing a few encores, Jean returned to the stage with her father, Ben Swan, who is an ordained minister. Shortly after, he formally wedded the pair.

Watch the sweet proposal take place below.