Hamburg duo RIVER flow effortlessly on their new single ‘Brother’

There is something cinematically hypnotic about RIVER; a streamline of sonic symphonies and illuminated beats headed straight to the stars.

Road-tripping, Hamburg-based duo RIVER are exploding in the indie-pop realm with their latest release, Brother

The track, amongst their previous work, beats like an emotionally charged wonder that makes the duo universally irresistible.


There is something timelessly nostalgic about RIVER’s sound; they ooze with an effortless sense of freedom, vibrating through a rainbow of retro synths and cinematic arrangements. Brother speaks a language of lust and dazzling harmonies. The tune bleeds with serotonin and imagination, saturating the sound waves with swirls of colour and life.

RIVER are pouring their liquid gold into the cracks that have been gaping open from the months of  lockdowns and isolation. Pressing on the vein of human nature, the duo explain; “like moths to a flame, we are driven by our hearts. Drawn back, always back to the light that guides us”.

And this light feels like a burst of energy, a phosphoresce pulling us out of the shadows and into the world of connection.

Similar to the sounds of Jungle, LANY, and Foster the People, RIVER’s sonic identity brings listeners back to life.

As Brother’s chorus bursts openyou can hear the fancy footwork of an old pipe organ belonging to the duo’s grandmother. Everything about this track fits like a stained glass window, classically hypnotic and impossible to look away from.


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The track comes as the third release from RIVER’s upcoming album. The previously singles, Dance in the Darkness and Inappropriate thump with the same magnetic rhythm, pinning the album release as a highly anticipated launch to keep our eyes on.

Until then, we shall enjoy RIVER’s exceptional ignition into the indie-pop stratosphere – it’s freeing, cathartic, and downright exciting.

Check out Brother below: