Rod Stewart spent 26 years building this massive model train set

Rod Stewart spent 26 years building this massive model train set

Rod Stewart has revealed his model train set, a project 26 years in the making. Not exactly what we had in mind when from the guy behind Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?  

Brittany has a model railway monthly magazine. It’s called Railway Modeller and it covers “all the scales and gauges and topics of interest to both ready-to-run enthusiasts and kit and scratchbuilders alike”. 

On the 2019 issue’s front cover, we find Rod Stewart with his conspicuously sun-kissed face and a shirt that’s hanging a little too open. He looks like he found the secret of happiness.

rod stewart train set
Photo: Railway Modeller

“The rock legend talks to RM Editor Steve Flint and Features Writer Craig Tiley about his love of modelling, and his extensive layout which is housed in his Los Angeles home. Don’t miss it!”, promises Railway Modeller’s December issue.

The singer reveals the results of 26 years spent building a 53-metre long replica of a city influenced by both New York and Chicago. The meticulously crafted set includes skyscrapers more than 1.5 metres high with hand-painted brickwork, little people walking around, and trains (obviously).

Rod Stewart is a proud model railway enthusiast and doesn’t give a fuck about what people think. In a 2007 interview, he declared that it meant more to him to be in a model railroad magazine than in a music magazine.

Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Neil Young, and Peter Snow are also model railway enthusiasts. And they’re just the rockstars who’ve admitted it.