Roger Waters announces special new concert film

Roger WatersUs + Them tour finished last December, but that’s certainly not the last we’ll hear of the Pink Floyd bassist. Teaming up with longtime collaborator and videographer Sean Evans, he’s releasing a blockbuster movie that follows his latest tour, of which the film will be named after.

Us + Them

Roger Waters has announced a concert movie chronicling his latest Us + Them tour, set to screen exclusively in cinemas this October 2 & 6.

During an enormous world tour spanning May 2017 – December 2018, Waters performed a total of 157 times to over 2 million people. His concerts showcased iconic Pink Floyd albums The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals, and Wish You Were Here. They also included works from his solo project Is This The Life We Really Want?. Waters’ music was delivered with an immersive experience of lasers, stunning visual production and a drone-operated, dark-sided moon.

4 nights of this incredible experience has been captured to produce the film. Sean Evans co-directed the movie with Waters during their Amsterdam leg of the tour, at the Ziggo Dome. They’ve previously collaborated on the 2014 concert picture The Wall. 

In an earlier Rolling Stones interview, the former Pink Floyd musician explains that “the show takes its title from a song on Dark Side of the Moon, because in that song, there’s a line that goes, ‘With, without/And who will deny that’s what the fighting’s all about?’”. He continues, “and I’ve realized in the last few years that…almost everybody thinks that the fight is about ideology. Everybody will tell you, ‘Well the fighting is all about the Middle East.’ ‘Well, it’s about Muslims starting jihad.’ ‘It’s about terrorism.’ ‘It’s about this or that.’ And no, it’s not. It’s about money.”

The synopsis promises an inspiring film, that will move us with “it’s powerful music and message of human rights, liberty and love”.

Us + Them will be screened in cinemas on October 2 and 6 only, and tickets go on sale next Wednesday (July 17). You can find out more information about the film here.