Enjoy the sun soaked melodies of Moon Monsoon’s sticky debut EP

Moon Monsoon‘s debut EP is a gorgeous example of rock’s most endearing qualities.

Smooth mellow grooves and blissed out vocals are the perfect tandem to catharsis.

Moon Monsoon’s self titled debut EP features sun soaked melodies, brilliant conversational guitar composition and the stamp that has come to be know with Dunedin’s most promising local acts.

From the windswept coast of Dunedin, NZ, Moon Monsoon are making a name for themselves amidst the vibrant emerging music scene there. With a talent for songwriting with emotional impact, it’s no wonder they have pierced the veil and come gloriously bubbling to the surface.

The band was formed in mid 2018 when four mates from Dunedin’s Otago University decided to
slap a quick set together to perform at a mates flat party. The gig went surprisingly well and
almost a year later the band is in full swing frequently playing gigs throughout Dunedin’s thriving
music scene. Moon Monsoon say they have been lucky enough to play with some of NZ’s local
legends including the likes of Mako Road, Soaked Oats, Hot Donnas.

 Picture a marriage between Ocean Alley and Ben Howard and you will be somewhere in the ballpark of Moon Monsoon. The Bay is an album highlight with a slow, brooding crescendo of vibrant yearning vocals. Blistering fuzzed out guitar and a falsetto smooth as silk command the peak of this musical mountain. Throughout this collection of honey tracks their is an air of effortlessness. As if these tunes fell from the sky on a Sunny afternoon and landed right in their laps.

Clean, heady guitars drenched in reverb and interlocking grooves can’t help but leave a smile on your face as, like all good music, you are instantly somewhere else. All I Want encapsulates this perfectly. An idyllic opener projecting pleasure to the back of your skull. Bliss, pleasure and peace pervade the self titled body of work, as these songs no doubt come from the centre of some pretty content souls, their fingers firmly on the pulse.