Roland Tings – Who U Love

Smooth, flowing, and full of enough crackle and fizz in his sound to completely immerse you , Roland Tings creates music that is nothing short of addictive. Melbourne producer and active electronic artist Roland Tings is one best described as club ready; if humans could be air dropped into a nightclub on command, it should be this human… more like a god.

roland tings

With a world of experience behind him, Roland Tings can mix it, he can make it. He’s one to invite next time you’re hosting a party.

Inspired and influenced by many other DJs including Cut Copy, Donato Dony, and Not Not Fun to name a few, Roland Tings is all for the static build ups, catchy piano riff relays, and snares. Throw in some unexpected yet pleasing beats against his complex sounds and you will understand how Roland Tings proves time and time again that he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to playing a set. Needless to say his tracks are fully sick.

Chosen and hand- crafted by Melbourne’s godly nightlife aficionados, Roland Tings has already released several tracks for 100% SILK and Club Mod. When he’s not touring Europe and Australia religiously or getting his DJ on every other week in Melbourne pubs, clubs, and bars, this artists seems to be collaborating with other artists, or remixing songs until they’re perfection of the Roland Tings variety.

Latest examples  of this include his interesting take on Young Magic’s Something In The Water, and his collaboration on the Melbourne Dance Music Compilation with Dan Whitford of Cut Copy. Roland Tings’ latest EP Who U Love is receiving nothing but well earnt love at the moment, similar to past works found on his Milky Way EP, as well as past remixes with artists Maxmillion Dubar (Future Times) and Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys). Who U Love steps up in the sense that it seems to have more of a grounded direction than past releases. This is of course creating major hype for his self- titled album to be dropped later this year from his new home, Internasjonal Records.

With a world of experience behind him and his pure talent within, the busy Roland Ting seems to be always in the process of ripping realities dimensions apart to create a new one. I like to think wherever he is (at a club; Roland Tings is forever in a club), he’s using his laser beam eyes for strobe lights, shooting electricity from his fingertips as he spins his board, and controlling the people by making them dance – and oh how they dance.

You too could join the Roland Tings cult and dance. Your first point of call is listening to him, them liking and sharing him on all your socials. Oh and going to his gigs, that’s important too. Astral & Friends is returning on Friday October 17th at Goodgod Small Club with Roland Tings, Rainbow Chan and B.O.O.M.A on show . Tickets here!



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