Rufus Wainwright says Madonna is “quite mean” to him

Rufus Wainwright has put Madonna on blast for all the shitty run-ins they’ve ever had over the years: “Just bizarre, and very rude.”

A new interview with Rufus Wainwright reveals that he and Madonna are not the chummiest of pals. Quite the opposite, actually. He tells Attitude, “she’s been quite mean to me a couple of times. But it’s like, join the list.”

He continues, “we’ve never had a great thing. But I admire her tenacity, and some of her songs are great.”

Tony Hauser
Credit: Tony Hauser

Rufus’ shockingly-candid confessional about his lack of fondness for Madonna began with a question asking if he’s ever met the pop songstress: “Um… Look, I’m fascinated by Madonna, as is the universe. I’ve had evenings with her. Nothing extensive, but little run-ins with her over the years, and she’s never been particularly… I’m on a weird part of her radar! I’m not quite a target, but I’m not a refuge either. Whatever.”

After the interviewer prodded for more details, Wainwright has this to say: “With her, as with certain other celebrities of that magnitude, they have a real tunnel vision. At intimate things she just doesn’t acknowledge me, doesn’t really see me,” he explained.

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Providing an example, he says: “I was ignored by her at a very small event where there were only a few people. It was just bizarre, and very rude in general. I’m not like that. You acknowledge everybody in the room, a little bit.”

We see your point, Rufus. It’s all about common courtesy, isn’t it? Turns out, that’s not all. The beef between these two music icons runs deeper than passive aggression and a few uncomfortable party run-ins…“There was one little incident where she may have held something against me slightly, because I worked with someone who used to work for her, and they ended up leaving her: some political thing.” He continues, “But [people like her] have these blinders on, so they don’t see context.”

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If we read between the lines there a little bit, it kind of sounds like Rufus may have poached one of Madonna’s employees…ouch! No wonder the Queen of 80’s pop has been a little icy towards him.

Either way, he’s not the only artist who’s ever reported having unpleasant encounters with her. But now that this story is circling around, we’re wondering if Madonna will chime in to give her two cents? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.