Russell Brand is facing backlash after mansplaining why Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ isn’t feminist

Russel Brand mansplains why WAP isn’t feminist in a bizarre and convoluted monologue, and nobody is loving it.

WAP, the latest bop by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, has sparked a lot of conversation since its release, with many feminists around the world cheering for this masterpiece.

However, one unhappy chap has felt the need to hush the cheers and mansplain feminism in his own YouTube video. Queue Russell Brand.

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Russel Brand – a comedian – unfortunately lacks the comedy in this bit and instead just ends up looking plain ridiculous.

The video titled, WAP: Feminist Masterpiece or Porn, sees Brand dissecting WAP and going to a multitude of strange places in an attempt to push his point across – including somehow bringing Margaret Thatcher into the conversation: “Was Margeret Thatcher a feminist? No, because she was a woman-man.”

Brand‘s main sentiment is him wondering if we can “achieve equality by aspiring to and replicating the values that have been established by males?” In a question which he asks and then proceeds to answer himself, he attempts to argue “is it equality if it’s an emulation of a template that already exists and was established by the former dominator?” The former dominator being men, of course.

The fundamental issue people have with Brand’s video is why he felt the need to push his point of view at all – with most questioning whether the opinion of a straight white male, with a background such as his own, is really needed to be voiced when it comes to a song and video that is created by women of colour about female sexuality?

Is it really Brand’s place to be educating the wider public about feminism? The title itself indicates that he doesn’t even have a general understanding of core feministic values. By implying the false dichotomy that a song about female sexuality can seemingly only exist in two categories – feminist masterpieces or porn – Brand demonstrates his own inability to comprehend the middle ground and consider that the track could be neither or both.

The song itself has no doubt been a hit and many people around the world are loving it, including congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who tweeted Cardi-B with a simple phrase: “Women Against Patriarchy (WAP)”


Rightly so, feminists around the world are furious and have made one thing clear: it is nobody else’s place to decide what empowers women.