Sable drops jazzy and transcendent single ‘Contrarian’

Sable has just released their newest single ‘Contrarian’ a melodious and funky af tune with otherworldly textures that will transport you to dimly lit jazz clubs and euphoric moments.

Sable just dropped a new single and it’s pure magic. ‘Contrarian’ offers up a tune-rich blend of free jazz, indie, electronic music and transcendent textures that’ll transport you well beyond dark jazz clubs and heady times, and we can’t get enough of it.

But who are the band members behind this masterpiece? Well, Jaco Imani plays guitar, produces, and sings, while Dmitri is on drums. And here’s a fun fact: they’ve been playing together ever since their post-rock band in high school.


When it comes to their influences, Sable’s eclectic tastes range from Animals as Leaders and Machine Drum to Bobbing, MEW, Pat Metheny, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Pedro Martins. But there’s more to this band than just great music. They have also produced an independently made music video for ‘Contrarian’ thats dropped with the single.

The album to which this single belongs, Ayllu, is all about chosen family and the kinship formed over the pandemic when our lives became smaller. It’s a celebration of the woven network of relationships and place that creates the tapestry of home.

The Quechua word ‘Ayllu’ (pronounced Ai-yu) refers to a community unit in Incan society that traditionally shared resources and land, but were not always related by blood. Members could be inducted into the group and become part of an extended network of self-sufficient communities. Now the term is used more loosely and can refer to a close social group, or what Jaco calls “heart family.”

Each track on Ayllu reflects elements of Jaco’s life in Santa Fe during the last several years and is about some formative relationship or experience with dear friends. As for ‘Contrarian,’ it was written about a mercurial friend who was always reluctant to hang out, but always made everything a better time when he did. The song was inspired by an incredibly vulnerable and profound moment they shared on acid at the Truches peaks next to an alpine lake.

The single for the most part was recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico in Jaco’s bedroom with the exception of the drums which were recorded at Kabby Sound Studios also in Santa Fe.


But enough about the music. Let’s talk about the band. Jaco Imani is a Santa Fe-based artist and musician whose sound is an eclectic fusion of indie, electronic, and jazz-rock. He first caught attention with a concept album he made for the immersive art and entertainment company Meow Wolf, showcasing his cinematic songwriting skills. But as he continued to develop his craft, Jaco’s sound grew more collaborative and versatile, exploring different styles and modalities.

Having played music since he was a child, Jaco eventually returned to Santa Fe after earning his music degree, where he ended up working for Meow Wolf for four years. It was during this time that he created Sable, a band that released its debut album, “The Due Return,” inspired by one of Meow Wolf’s exhibitions. After this release, Jaco shifted his focus to electronic compositions, which led to his album “Days in the Cave” under the name Noons.

Jaco’s latest project, the two-part album “Allyu,” blends elements from both his electronic and songwriting efforts, while also incorporating influences from his decade-long journey with jazz music. With his drummer and best friend, Dmitri Burtis, by his side, Jaco is now taking Sable on the road, delivering energetic live performances and creating new music that’s already underway. The release of “Allyu Part 2” is just around the corner, so be sure to keep an ear out for this ass-kicking project.

Dmitri Burtis, Sable’s talented drummer’s musical journey began in Venice, California, where he started studying percussion at the age of five. He later moved to Bali, Indonesia, where he studied Balinese Gamelan percussion and performed in a fifteen-piece Gamelan ensemble. After a year in Bali, Dmitri and his family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he became the drummer for the professional Zimbabwe Shona music group Jaka.

Dmitri attended the Berklee College of Music Five-Week Summer Program in 2010 and 2011, where he met his drum mentor, Prof. Swiss Chris. This prompted his full-time enrollment at Berklee, where he studied drum performance and music business. Since then, Dmitri has become a performing member of the east coast’s number-one corporate, wedding, and party band “Silver Arrow” and the Director of Music at Adelson’s Gallery in Boston.

These days, Dmitri is based out of the Bronx, New York, where he’s taken on the noble endeavour of teaching an armada of ebullient squawking children in weekly private drum lessons. He’s also joined the punk rock band “LoLux” based out of Astoria, Queens, and, after winning a couples video contest, was married to his partner of 9 years at Carnegie Hall.

So there you have it, folks. Sable and Dmitri are two talented musicians with stories as fascinating as their music. In the words of Jaco, “This shit slaps.” And I couldn’t agree more.

Get your earholes around ‘Contrarian’

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