SACHI delves into the genesis of ‘My Tempo,’ their nomadic lifestyle between LA and Auckland, and the magic of collaboration

Kiwi electronic duo SACHI are back with a brand new banger, ‘My Tempo’ featuring Set Mo & K.I.M

Fresh from their electrifying performances at the New Zealand Summer Festival circuit, SACHI, the dynamic Kiwi electronic duo comprising Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas, returns with their latest smash hit, ‘My Tempo,’ featuring Australian heavyweights Set Mo and K.I.M (Kim Moyes of The Presets).

This club-ready anthem signifies a fresh trajectory for SACHI, emerging from a serendipitous Sydney studio session with K.I.M in 2022.

sachi interview with happy mag 2024

‘My Tempo’ is the culmination of SACHI’s infectious energy, Set Mo’s global production finesse, and K.I.M.’s legendary electronic music pedigree.

In this exclusive interview with Happy Mag, SACHI delves into the genesis of ‘My Tempo,’ their nomadic lifestyle between LA and Auckland, and the magic of collaboration.

From chance encounters in Sydney to shared passions for dance music, discover the untold story behind this surefire dance floor filler.

sachi interview with happy mag 2024
Credit: Capture Charles

HAPPY: What are you up to today?

W: Have just gone and picked up some new art from the thrift store, very excited to hang it up.

N: Went for a run, and have been finishing a song to send to mix!

HAPPY: Tell me about where you live. What do you love about it?

S: We’re between LA and Auckland at the moment, a seasonal rotation if you will. 

Auckland is a gorgeous coastal city and LA is incredible for the music, so many cool artists out here doing really inspiring work.

HAPPY: Not love about it?

S: Being away from family when we’re in LA can suck. 

HAPPY: Congrats on your new song “My Tempo” with Set Mo and K.I.M.! How did this collab come about?

S: It’s been a fun one to put together! We started it with Kim in Sydney in 2022. We loved the demo but we were struggling to put the final touches together, we were kind of pushing a boulder up a hill with it.

Then we sent it to the Set Mo boys, they added their sauce and next thing you know it came out 4 weeks after we finished it!

HAPPY: How was working with Set Mo and K.I.M. in the studio? Did anything unexpected happen or did you come up with some cool new ideas together?

S: The first session with Kim was crazy, we must’ve made like 5 ideas that day, and with the Set Mo boys we worked over the internet. When we went to their studio in Sydney, they played us the finished version and it blew our socks off. 

HAPPY: You guys are a very popular duo with over 150 million streams! How do you stay true to yourselves with all the pressure to succeed in the music industry?

S: For us it’s only ever been about having fun. Aas long as we’re having fun and are excited about the project, it doesn’t really matter what happens.

We have an amazing team around us who help keep the ball rolling, too. 

HAPPY: You have played a few festivals, what’s your most memorable performance ever and why?

S: We played Rhythm and Vines a year ago on NYE, that was a huge one for us. We had a bunch of family and friends there, it was so special!

HAPPY: Your music has a real New Zealand feel. How do your Kiwi roots influence your sound, especially when you collaborate with Australian artists like Set Mo and K.I.M.?

S: New Zealand has a really flourishing electronic scene, there’s big influences from the UK electronic music scene with D&B, House, Garage, etc – I always think coming up listening to UKF inspired a lot of our production decisions, but also because we’re so close geographically the Australian electronic scene has always been a huge influence on our sound.

When we first started putting out SACHI music in the late 2010s Australia was going through this kind of electronic renaissance, Set Mo and K.I.M being big parts of that – so it’s really exciting to be able to bridge the Tasman in that sense.

HAPPY: What inspires you to create music besides music itself? Are there any particular themes or experiences that keep showing up in your songs?

S: Music is everything, and everything inspires our music. At the moment we’re interested in paying our respects to the physical experience of dance music, bringing people together – this kind of cathartic communal release that happens at festivals and raves.

HAPPY: You’ve had a great career in music so far, SACHI! What’s been the most surprising thing that’s happened?

S: It’s always wild playing shows, especially overseas – where people are singing along to our songs, that’s one of the most rewarding feelings. We’ve met the most incredible people through our music, collaborators become friends and friends become collaborators. That might be the most surprising thing about it all, the way music connects people. 

HAPPY: What’s next for SACHI? Any exciting projects or collaborations you can tell us about?

S: We’re finishing a project at the moment, there’s so much music and collaborations we’re excited for the world to hear.

HAPPY: What do you like to do for fun, besides making music?

W: Been on the DIY vibes atm, I built a studio desk that I’m currently doing this interview from, absolutely loving it. 

N: I went to see Perfect Days at the movies last night. I loved it. Being in nature is a big one for me, too.

HAPPY: Lastly, what makes you happy?