Sam Allen shares five artists that have influenced his songwriting

If you haven’t already seen Heirloom, the new video from Sam Allen, stop what you’re doing and go watch it now. The clip is a stunning display of visuals that sit perfectly alongside Allen’s arresting vocals.

Fresh off the clip’s release, we caught up with the man himself for a run-down of the artists that helped influence his songwriting.

With an epic new single under his belt, Wollongong artist Sam Allen runs us through five artists that helped influence his songwriting.

Matt Corby – Runaway

This has got to be my favourite song ever. I really love how it starts of so stripped back and ambient but builds to this huge ending that will literally put you in a thought trance.

Julien Baker – Appointments

Julien Baker has this voice that I could sit and listen to for hours. I love the way that her vocals stay so soft throughout the whole song right until the very end where she starts screaming. It will take you on a journey

Jeff Buckley – So Real

Jeff is probably one of the main artists that I get most of my inspiration from. Mainly because of his vocals and song structure. This track is just so huge vocal wise, the way he goes from chest voice to falsetto with so much power is crazy.

Dope Lemon – Best Girl

Angus Stone has always been a favourite of mine. I really like the chords and the repeated structure of this track. The ambient lead guitar and vocals just top it off.

Matt Corby – No Ordinary life

The flow of this track is incredible. I love the little stops within the verse and the way that Matt uses the cymbal swells within the verse.

Heirloom is available now. Watch the video here.